Support Notes

Keeping our games supasupa fun is our goal, if you have any issues with any SupaSupa Games titles we want to hear from you! Typically if there is an issue in one of our games we are working on a fix or it was an oversight and we'd like to know about it. Contact us for idenifying these.

Contact us at for any support issues.

*Notes for iPhone/iPad/iPod users

If your data is clearing for race progress this is related to a bug while being logged into gamecenter and then logged out in version 1.0. Pick up version 1.0.1 update from the appstore now to fix this issue.

*Notes for Android Users on Google Marketplace

If you are having trouble downloading the game but have space on system and SD card for it, this is a bigger game so make sure your caches are cleared if you are getting an 'insufficient space' error if you think you have enough space.

Clear Caches and Data

  • Go to the Download manager app in Settings > Applications > Download Manager under the 'All' tab. Then click 'Clear Data' or 'Move to SD card', also click 'Clear Cache'.
  • Go to the Market app in Settings > Applications > Market under the 'All' tab. Then click 'Clear Data' or 'Move to SD card', also click 'Clear Cache'.

If you are still having issues:

If you can, upgrade to version 2.3 of Android OS or latest that you can this will fix this issue if you actually have the space.

If you cannot upgrade, and you are on Android 2.2 and lower simply uninstall Market Updates under Settings > Applications > Market > Uninstall market updates. This will allow you to download the game if you have room on your storage using the old Market App, it will update itself again after you download the game. This problem is related to a bug in the older Android OS's and the new Market App. The best solution is to be on a newer version of Android if possible.

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