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SupaSupaCross is an arcade style racing game where riders tap, tilt, and turbo-boost their way to the finish line. Be a SupaSupa star as you race across ten exciting stadium levels and increasingly difficult series challenges. A nostalgic top-down racing experience full of fun tracks, boost pads, slow-downs, and SupaSupa offroad action.

Reviews + Recommendations

"The action is nippy and well-presented, and we found ourselves really getting into it and yearning for those coveted gold medals." PocketGamer.co.uk

"This is just a fun little arcade racing game to kill some time with whether you have five minutes or a half an hour. " DroidGamers.com

"This game is a definite must have if you're into dirt bike racing or racing of any sort." iAndroidTablet.com

Reviewed by Famigo as a family recommended game!

Supa New Features in 1.1

  • Buy the new track packs: SupaSupaCross 2012 Pack 1 and SupaSupaCross 2012 Pack 2 for some more Supa fun with these beautiful + challenging new technical tracks, 17 in total to tear up!
  • Scalable UI and gameplay to fit all screens fully from small screens to HD
  • NEW Modes: Arcade and Endless!
  • Bike sounds for braaapping
  • Customize your bike + rider colors
  • Customize bike and crowd audio if you have a mic
  • Change camera views for better lines and looks
  • SupaSupa Score for SupaSupaCross experience points progress
  • Updated trophy room with SupaSupa Scorecard
  • New effects and Supa fun additions to gameplay
  • New default track series events to best
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • SupaSupa polish

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  • An exciting casual game experience that anyone can play
  • Touch or tilt controls for all types of device gamers
  • Leave other riders in the dust with fast-tap starts
  • Hit boost pads for added speed
  • Race against increasingly difficult AI as you progress through each series
  • Integration of stats and achievements lets you compare your progress against other braaaping SupaSupa stars
  • A universal build means you can enjoy the game across all mobile devices
  • Developed by the same talent to produce the top-selling MX vs. ATV series
  • Original cool music and sound environment


Endless Mode NEW!

Race and increasingly challenging set of racers until you can no longer compete. You will have to play rough to win at a disadvantage. How long can you hang as the underdog?

Arcade Mode NEW!

Pick any track to race on and any difficulty to race with from n00b to above SupaSupa Star and beyond.

Series Events Mode

Play in events as you move up the rankings from n00b, Semi-Pro, Pro and Supa Supa Star difficulties to become a champion.


Buy the SupaSupaCross 2012 Pack 1 and SupaSupaCross 2012 Pack 2 with 17 new beautifully crafted and challenging tracks.


New dynamic bike + crowd sounds through an updated sound system for a more dynamic audio experience.


Now supports all resolutions from the small screens to large wide screens and takes advantage of all those pixels.


New features to add your own bike/rider style and sounds to the game as well as pick from many camera angles.

Custom Bike Colors

Select your own bike colors for your bike, rider, shirt, gloves/boots, pants/highlight and skin together or separate using the color selector in options. Or select from 50 presets to use or start with to customize further. Supa flair!

Custom Audio (requires mic!)

Record your own sounds for bike revving, bike racing (braaaaping) and bike boosting/jumping, crowd cheer, crowd jump/boost and crowd boo.

Change Camera Views

Many different camera angles to view from including fixed, follow, bird's eye and stadium cams at near and far distances.


SupaSupa Score

SupaSupa Score experience points have been added that accumulate all actions in the game including mode scoring, achievements, stats, bonus xp, performance points and more. New leaderboard added for SupaSupa Score xp competition.

New Series Events

New series events with the new packs and updated series events for the shipped tracks. Pick up the new trophies!




For general info or a non support related inquiry, contact us at info@supasupagames.com


Contact us for support at support@supasupagames.com

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SupaSupa Games is a Phoenix-based group of developers with one goal in mind: making games that are SupaSupa fun to play.

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Developed by SupaSupa Games, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona